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Your laptop battery will last for 28 hours with this new technology of intel

Intel has introduced Low Power Display Technology (LPDT). With the help of this technology, the performance of your laptop’s battery will increase manifold. Indeed, to increase the battery backup of any laptop, companies often compromise with the performance of the device, but Intel’s new technology will not compromise with the performance and you can get up to 28 hours of backup.


Indeed, in the 2017 computex held in Taiwan, Intel introduced Low Power Display Technology (LPDT). In this technique, the panel of laptops will use one-wave energy. Although Intel has not provided any information about how LPDT works. Intel has claimed that in this technique the panel of the device takes half power compared to the LCD panel. That is, in simple language, now your laptop can play up to 8 hours of video playback once charged.


According to Intel, the company found itself during testing itself that the device could work on single charge for up to 28 hours continuously. The laptops used for testing include features such as LPDT display, 15-watt Core i7-8550U processor, 8GB RAM, Intel 600p SSD, intel HD graphics 620 and Windows 10.

According to a report, Intel companies can offer as a specification to LPDT as a specification. LPDT power saving technology can be exploited in the laptop under which one-wheel panel and Intel processor will be installed. The device will automatically adjust the settings. These settings include brightness and refresh rates, which can be minimized to save power. Its biggest feature is that the users will not be able to feel this change. This change will not affect the screen resolution, size, and color of the device.


LPDT technology can not be used in the current display because it will require a one-watt panel which is not in the old display. The company has not provided any information about the number of orders received for these displays. If Intel’s battery saving claim goes right, then the company will not take much time to roll out it.

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