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With this Smartphone intelligence feature Your smartphone works like humans|AI technology

Friends, Today in this article we will tell you about smartphone’s technology which is AI technology with this Smartphone intelligence feature Your smartphone works like humans.

If year 2018 is called the years of Artificial Intelligence, it will not be wrong. Artificial Intelligence has been used in this year’s smartphones. With the help of this technology, your smartphone starts working like humans. So you know where and how AI technology works in your smartphone.

AI camera

Most smartphones of year 2018 have included Artificial Intelligence Features. With the help of this feature, the cameras of smartphones automatically detect the subject (such as Landscape, Food and Firework etc.). Because of the AI ​​technique, the camera of the phone ranges from fast work and shifts to light according to light. In the portrait mode, the AI ​​feature automatically detects your face. Along with this, you get sharp and high quality images. Smartphones like Honor 10 to Oneplus 6 have AI tech cameras.

Voice Assistant

The technique that makes Google, Siri and Bixby’s features special, is none other than Artificial Intelligence. With the help of this technique, these Voice Assistant responds to your things like humans. In addition to answering your questions, these Voice Assistants can also do many tasks. Talking about smartphones, with the help of AI technology, your phone can do many tasks at once.


Technology Recalls Habits

https://gadgetsintro.com/with-this-smartphone-intelligence-feature-your-smartphone-works-like-humansai-technologyWith the help of Artificial Intelligence, your phone starts recording your habits. After that the phone starts to understand which command or the arrangement you need. A simple example of this is your phone’s keyboard. Which word, where and how much do you use, your phone remembers these calls that’s why when you write something, the phone starts giving you auto-suggestion. That is, the way your friends or family behave according to your likes and dislikes, your phone also starts working according to your habits.


The Face Recognition feature of the smartphone works on Artificial Intelligence. With this technology, your device recognizes your face and unlocks the phone. Even with the help of AI feature, even if you increase your beard, your phone recognizes your face.


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