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Want to Buy a new Royal Enfield Bullet ? Read this first

Sales of Royal Enfield in the Indian market are on the rise. Royal Enfield’s bike’s most demand is of the classic range and bullet in 350cc segment. Its look and the count is considered to be iconic. However, despite being extremely powerful, many people are still not satisfied after running it. At the same time, some people have some reason to buy Royal Enfield. Today we are going to tell you the reasons in this news for not bought Royal Enfield Bike.

Royal Enfield Bullet on road price
Royal Enfield Bullet on road price

More vibrations due to excessive vibration in the Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield’s bikes for long distance prove to be quite popular, but there are some problems with speed. If you run the Royal Enfield in the speed of 80 or 90 kmph then in cities, its vibration known through the handlab, which makes it difficult to check the rear view mirror.

Mileage of the Royal Enfield Bullet

In the Indian market, the range of Royal Enfield Bikes is from 1.16 lack to 1.99 lack rupees. In this, the portfolio of the company is available from Bullet 350 to Thunderbird and Himalayan. Let us know you, the maximum mileage of these bikes is 40 km per liter. If you are thinking about more mileage, then this bike can not be proved better for you.

Royal Enfield Bullet price
Royal Enfield Bullet price

Bad braking system of Royal Enfield Bullet

Recently Royal Enfield launched the Signals 350, in which you get (ABS) Anti Lock Braking System. Apart from this, classic 500 and Himalayan also have ABS features, but still its classic 350 and bullets did not include ABS. Not only that, you will also feel the lack of rear disc brakes.

Modern features are lacking in the Royal Enfield Bullet

The designs and features of Royal Enfield’s bikes are running in accordance with the centuries-old tradition. That’s why you will not get all the modern features in it. The company’s only Himalayan bike is a bike in which some modern features such as instrument clusters can be found. Apart from this, the old speedo meter is already in the bike.

Royal Enfield Bullet specification
Royal Enfield Bullet specification

Weight is too much of the Royal Enfield Bullet

Royal Enfield’s bikes are heavier in weight. The bullet 350 weighs 180 kilograms and 193 kilograms of bullet 500. In such a way it is very difficult for people with low weight to handle these bikes in traffic. However, their balance is quite good. The biggest problem comes when your bike tire rises or gets damaged. It is very difficult to draw a bike on a person alone.

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