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Unknown things of Jawa Bikes 2018

This period of Indian motorcycle industry is the best. Jawa Motorcycles has made it more spectacular by returning to India more than two decades later. Between the bike lovers, there are plenty of discussions about its three new bikes Jawa, Jawa Froty Two and Jawa Perak. Many things related to these bikes have come out so far. But there are some things about Java Motorcycles that you may not know yet. Here we are telling you some similar things about Java Motorcycles (Unknown things of Jawa Bikes 2018) …

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  • Jawa’s bobber style bike Jawa Perak is the cheapest bike in this category to be made in India. Its ex-showroom price in Delhi is 1.89 lacs rupees. It will be available in the Indian market sometime later.
  • At the Second World War, the Jawa company made a 250cc bike and named it ‘Perak’. It was first introduced in the Paris motorcycle show in 1946, where Perak got Gold Medal. The name Perak of the new bobber bike of Jawa is taken from the old bike. It can be said that the company has done this to give a tribute to its old bike.
  • According to reports, many older employees of Royal Enfield are connected to Java Motorcycles. The major names in this are Anupam Thareja and Ashish Joshi. Anupam has founded the classic Legends, a key player in the return of Jawa brand. At the same time, Ashish is the current Chief of the Classic Legends. Both of them have worked in Royal Enfield. Ashish has also worked in Triumph. Let us tell you that Java brand has been bought by Mahindra Group’s subsidiary company Classic Legends Private Limited.
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Jawa Perak bike 2018 | Java Bike 2018
  • The company was also trying to find the old Royal Feel in the new Java Bikes that came with the latest features. The company named Jawa’s new bikes from the company’s 500 cc Jawa bike, launched in the year 1929. It was the company’s first motorcycle.
  • The retro-style instrument pod given in the new Java bike looks great enough. In this there is a chrome ring unit with golden background, which has been seen for the first time in the bikes available in India in this price range.
  • In the new bikes, Java 42 is offered at the lowest price. Its X showroom price is 1.55 lacs rupees. Anand Mahindra was born on 1st May, 1955, which becomes short form 1/55. However, this is not a coincidence, but deliberate. According to Anupam Tharja, this has been done to honor them.
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  • The company has kept the look of the new bike coming with latest features similar to the old Jawa. The design of the new Jawa bike is driven largely from the old 250cc java bikes sold in India. Includes Fenders, Headlamp Kesing and Instrument Cluster Design, Handlebar Design and Placement, Twin Silencers, Tank Shap and Red-Chrome Shade.
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