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TVS launched new Apache RTR 180 bike, See Price & Specs

TVS Motors has launched the Red Addison of Apache RTR 180. This motorcycle’s X showroom price in Delhi is Rs 82,233; Apache will come in the rest of the new Edison Pearl White Color opson. This bike’s regular model will cost 550 rupees. Apart from this, a new 3D TVs logo was used on the bike’s fuel tank. TVS Motors launched the Addison Bike in a single version.


Apache has powerful features

Your Red Edison has a Focus Carbon Fiber Body Panel in the Peel Tank and Sides. Apart from this, the flower has a digital styement control that has a blue light. This motorcycle has a feature like Lamp Timer Service Indicator, Apache 180’s Red Edison 177.4 cc cylinder engine, which generates 16.62 ps of power and 15.5 nm trowel.

43 km mileage in 1 liter

TVS has a 5-speed transmission in a new bike. This bike has 1 liter of 43 km. This bike will be launched in the Indian market by SUZUKI JEZER, Honda CB Hornet 160 and Bajaj Pulsar 180, on the new bike of TVS is still underway, it can be launched at the end of this year.


Top speed 114 km per hour

According to the company, this bike holds a speed of 0-60 km in 4.9 seconds. The top speed of this bike is 114 kmph. The bike has Real and Front 270 nm and 200mm Pental disc brakes.


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