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5 Top Reasons to Buy Jawa Bikes 2018

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Jawa Bikes 2018, Top Reasons to Buy Jawa Bikes 2018, Java Bikes 2018, Java Bike 2018, Jawa Bike 2018
Top 5 Reasons to Buy Jawa Bikes 2018, Java Bikes 2018, Java Bike 2018

Jawa has recently launched its new bikes in India. The direct competition of the Java Bike 2018 is from Royal Enfield Classic 350. Also its competition is from Bajaj Dominar 400 Mahindra Mojo UT 300. Jawa has launched 3 new models of its most liked bikes of 70s-80s. There is still no shortage of wetlands for the refining appeals of Jawa. What are the top five reasons to buy Jawa Bikes 2018, which makes it different from other bikes, let’s know…

Small Engine and Best Power

The Jawa Bike 2018 has a 292 cc Liquid Cool Twin Spark Engine. This engine has been developed with the help of Mahindra. This engine gives the torque of 28 nm with the power of 27 bhp.

Latest BS-6 engine

Jawa Motorcycles has the latest BS-6 engine. However, the government has ordered all vehicle manufacturers to install BS-6 engines in all vehicles from April 2020. All the vehicles coming in the same time come with the BS4 engine. At the same time, when the companies will install the BS-6 engines in their vehicles, the cost of vehicles will also be affected.

Lightweight from Royal Enfield Classic 350

The weight of new Jawa bike is 170 kg, while the Royal Enfield Classic 360 weighs 192 kg. The difference in weight of both bikes is about 22kg. Due to the lightness of Jawa Bike 2018, not only will it give better mileage but will also provide good speed. Also, driving will also be easy.

6 speed gearbox

6 Speed ??Gearbox is provided with a multi-plate clutch in Jawa Bikes 2018. While its rival Royal Enfield Classic 350 has a 5-speed gearbox. The advantage of having more gear in Jawa Bikes 2018 will be that the bikes can cruise well on a higher RPM. Also, differences in pickup with bike mileage will also be seen.

Jawa retro look

In New Jawa Bike 2018, the company has done its best to keep its retro look retained. Even seats, headlamps, speak wheels, seats, exits and tanks are also kept like original Jawa Bike. This is because after the launch of Jawa Bikes 2018, bikes are being seen in the bike lovers. Modern Touch with Focusing Retro is fusion of Modern Classic Roadster for Jawa.

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