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This Blockchain based Smartphone never will be hacked

This Blockchain based Smartphone, Sirin Finny is going to be launched, Never will be hacked

Sirin Finney
Sirin Finney

The Swiss consumer electronics company Sirin Labs can launch the Blockchain based smartphone with the dual-screen soon. This smartphone name is Sirin Finney. This smartphone will be built with the help of Foxconn. Prior to this, HTC also announced the launch of Blockchain based Smartphone HTC Exodus.

What is Blockchain technology?

At this time Blockchain technology is slowly-slowly gaining momentum in the world. This technique is used by diamond merchants to do business. It is believed that this technique is safe for transactions. This technique is also used in bitcoin like cryptocrycnation or virtual currency transactions. Smartphone manufacturers are preparing to use blockchain technology to make mobile technology more secure.

May launch in November

Blockchain based smartphone Sirin Finney can be launched in November this year. Speaking of the main features of this smartphone, it can be launched with Syrin based operating system Android Oreo. Speaking of the price, it can be valued at US $ 999 or about 67,000 indian rupees.

HTC Exodus Smartphone
HTC Exodus Smartphone

Blacture Motif & HTC Exodus Features

Talking about the features of Blockchain based smartphone Blacture motif, these smart phone users will get rewards points for transactions through an app or online transactions. Users can change these Rewards Points later in cryptoconcency. These digitized quoines or cryptocycensities can later be done in a purchase or money transfer.

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