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These steps will increase your old phone’s bettery life

How to increase Bettery life of your Phone

How to increase smartphone's bettery life
How to increase smartphone’s bettery life

If your smartphone’s battery is rapidly discharged or it is getting hot again, then our news may be of your work. We are going to tell you about the 5 things you can do to increase your phone’s battery backup. So know about these things.

Update is necessary

Keep updating your phone’s software and apps constantly. If you do not update your phone’s software or app, then it means that you have old phones or apps that are older than bugs or viruses of the present time. In this case your phone can be attacked from hackers to viruses. Without an updated app or software, you affect the performance of your phone, so that the battery of your phone starts getting hot or discharged.

Avoid Full Discharge

Do not allow phone batteries to charge up to 100% It would be good to remove the phone from charging at 90 percent. Also, do not allow the battery of the phone to be less than 15 percent of the red level. In fact, having full discharge of the phone or charging over the phone can affect its battery. However overcharging does not affect existing smartphones. But if you are using the old phone, it would be better to remove the phone from charging after 90 percent and reach 20 percent-reach it back from the charging.

Use of Anti Virus

Virus or bugs have a bad effect on the phone’s performance. This starts heating your phone faster. It is a good idea to download anti-virus app in your phone. This protects your phone from viruses and hackers.

Playing game while charging
Playing game while charging

Do not charge while playing a game

Do not charge it while playnig a game on the phone. Actually, high-graphics games use our phone’s RAM, graphics and batteries together. In this case, your phone starts heating up and if you charge your phone during this time, then its effect may be on your phone’s battery. There is also a great reason for the bad performance of the battery.

Delete old apps

The apps you are not using will be good for you to delete those apps from your phone. Also, before downloading any app, read its review.

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