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These Features of iOS 12 were not in iOS 11 : Report

American technology company Apple has released the new operating system iOS 12 on Monday. In the new OS the company has given many such features, which have been waiting for iPhone users for a long time. However, iOS 12 is currently only available to select users on the Beta version and it will be rollout even for common users within a few months. Apple’s Vice President Craig Federegei gave information about the iOS 12 features at the developer conference. I know which features are given in iOS 12.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Major Apps

In the iOS 12, there will be Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which will also make Real World the preferred user in Virtual World. For this, the company will give the USDZ app.
Along with this, there will be a new app Measure, through which only the photo can be clicked and the amount of any object can be known.

Siri is more smart than ever

Generally iPhone users are always saying that Siri is smart and smart. Now Siri will be more and more smart in iOS 12. This adds a new feature of the shortcut, which will allow the app to be accessed.
Simultaneously, text, call and remanders can also be set in Siri.

Do not disturb redesined

In the iOS 11, there is a feature of Do Not Disturb. When it is turned on, calls, messages and other notifications become silent, i.e., if the phone is locked, then the user is not aware of the notification.
Now Do not Disturb is redesigned in iOS 12 and has been made more advanced than ever. Now if Do Do Not Disturb is turned on in the night or at any other time, and the phone will use the time to see the time, notifications will not be visible.

Features of Grupp Notification

If there are more than 100 apps in iPhones and push notification alerts, then a long list is opened in the notification bar. The best way to avoid this is to ignore the list and open the Particular app and check its notifications.
But in the iOS 12 the company has given the feature of Grupp Notification. An app’s notification will come through this group. This means that they will see all notifications when they tap on one of the apps in the notification bar. Along with this, a notification group will be created according to the app and topics.


Group face time: 32 people will be able to call

The feature of the Most Featured Feature Group Face Time is also edited in iOS 12. This will allow video calling from 32 people at a time. But this feature was not provided in iOS 11.
Along with this, the Face Time camera has also been updated. It also allows emoji, sticker and text to be used.

Screen time: Reports every week

The new feature of Screen Time has been given in iOS 12. Through this every week Apple will tell its user how he used his iPhone and iPad this week. Its detailed report will be given to the user every week.

These features, which were not yet

Along with this, the voice memo has been enhanced, which will make it easier to use.
Car Play will also support third-party navigation apps in iOS 12.
iBooks have also been updated and now they will come in the name of Apple Books.
Mismo’s feature has been added in messaging, which will emoji personalize. This allows users to create their own emoji.

Which devices will get iOS 12?

– Launching the iOS 12 on Monday, the company said on Monday that the new OS will be available for all devices that support iOS 11. This means that all iPhones with the iPhone 5S will also get iOS 12 updates.


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