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Smartphone processors can not be made in India for next 10 years|Know reasons


In India smartphone processors can not be made for next 10 years

When purchasing a smartphone, users try to know every feature of the phone. What is the quality of the camera in the phone, how is the battery capacity in the phone, the users take the phone after checking it all well. In addition to the camera and battery the processor is also an important factor in the phone. The phone’s performance depends on its processor. The more powerful the phone processor will be, the better the performance. But do you know that the phone processor can not be made in India? In this post we are going to tell you why the processor can not be made in India and what is processor.

Why can not the phone processor be made in India?

Let us know you that to create a processor, a special kind of underground lab is required. There should not be any single particle of dust and sand in this lab. Also, there is a need for special features to create a processor. These facilities are currently not available in India in the networking sector. But if news reports suggest that the process of making the processor in the coming years may be set up in India.

According to Tech Expert Sachs Sachdeva, “The main reason for not becoming a processor in India is high cost. The process required for making processors is very high cost, so in the coming 10 years, there are no processors be made in India.”

What is the processor’s work?

The processor of any smartphone is responsible for its performance. The better your phone processor, the better its performance will be. The processor can be said like the mind of the phone, which controls all the activities. It is an electronic circuit, a chip whose performance is measured on the basis of hertz, kilohertz, megahertz and gigahertz. If the chipset of the processor is good then the performance of your phone will also be good. Based on this, it should be decided whether your phone’s processor is good or not. Apart from the chip, the core also plays an important role in it.

Conclusion : –  Why smartphone processors not be made in india

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