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Nokia 8110 Vs Nokia 3310, Know which one is Better

Nokia 8110 Vs Nokia 3310, Nokia 3310 Vs Nokia 8110
Nokia 8110 Vs Nokia 3310, Nokia 3310 Vs Nokia 8110

HMD Global once again came back to the market with Android. The company launches phones in every price segment from the cheap smartphone Nokia 3310 to the premium smartphone Nokia 8 Sirocco. The company has recently launched Banana Phone in India, which is a refreshed version of Nokia 8810 which costs 5,990 rupees. In comparison, Nokia 3310 is quite cheap. It costs 3,310 rupees. This phone is also an updated version of the old Nokia 3310. These are both feature phones. But they are quite different from each other. Here we are telling the difference between Nokia 8110 and Nokia 3310 by doing comparision of Nokia 8110 and Nokia 3310. Let’s start

Nokia 8110 Vs Nokia 3310 Design Comparision

Both phones have been designed according to the user’s design today. The old versions of phones were quite heavy. But smartphone companies are now focusing on reducing the weight of the phone. This technique has also been adopted with these two phones of Nokia. Nokia 8810 4G and Nokia 3310 have been lightweight compared to the previous ones. Speaking of Nokia 3310, it is light and slim as compared to the old model. Its thickness is 15.6 x 51 x 12.8mm and weighing 80 grams. Banana phone design has been completely changed. In this phone the company has also added the slider. Nokia 3310 is made from plastic body. It can be bought in Red, Black, Yellow, Gray, Color variants. At the same time, Banana phones can be purchased in Yellow and Black color only.

Nokia 8110 Vs Nokia 3310 Software and Performance Comparision

Nokia 3310 has been introduced with the company’s Smart Feature OS. It has not been given access of WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube. Right now, Nokia 8110 has been introduced with KaiOS. It has got been support of Whatsapp. 3310 phone comes with 64 MB of storage. While the 8110 phone comes with 4 GB storage.

Nokia 8110 Vs Nokia 3310 Display Comparision

Both phones come with 2.4 inch display whose pixel resolution is 240 x 320. Compared to the older models, they have a better and larger display. Users will be able to browse Facebook easily in this. Also watch the videos.

Nokia 8110 Vs Nokia 3310 Camera Comparision

This is the biggest update in both of these phones. The camera was not given in the old models of both phones. But the brand new Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8810 has a 2 megapixel back camera. However, this camera will only work for basic photography.

Nokia 8110 Vs Nokia 3310 Battery Comparision

Everyone know that the battery of the feature phones (Nokia 8110 and Nokia 3310) is quite good. Nokia 3310 has a battery of 1,200mAh. The company has claimed that it is capable of delivering 31-day standby time and 22 hours of talktime. At the same time, 8110 4G has a 1,500 mAh battery, which is capable of delivering 25-day standby time and 10 hours of talktime.

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