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What is the difference between Stock Android, Android One and Android Go ?

In 2007, Google officially introduced the Android Echo system front of the users. Before this announcement, however, Android was a small company called Android Inc. The CEO of this company was Andy Rubin. Android got its name from the Latin word Androides , which means the person like a robot. Android is an operating system that was initially made for touch screen smartphones. The first version of Android was ‘Android Cupcake‘ which was launched in the first quarter of 2009. Then came the same year ‘Android Donut‘. Android changed both its titles and versions over time. In recent years, ‘Android One‘, ‘Android Go‘ and ‘Stock Android‘ were introduced for users. Today we will tell you about these three terms. It will also tell you what is difference between them and how they affect your phone.

What are Misconceptions

Users often associate ‘Android One’, ‘Android Go’ and ‘Stock Android’. But there is an easy way to understand these three. Just like Android Nougat, Android Oreo and Android Pie are different versions, in the same way, ‘Android One’, ‘Android Go’ and ‘Stock Android’ are different variants.

Stock Android
Stock Android

Stock android

Smartphones that do not tamper with Google’s original operating system are called ‘stock Android’ smartphones. Actually there are two types of Android. One ‘stock Android’ and the other ‘skin Android’. If there is any change in the operating system of Google, then it is ‘skin Android’. In ‘Skin Android’, smartphone companies add their apps and features to the phone. For example, in many smartphones of Xiaomi and Samsung, you get many applications from the company like Samsung Play. These smartphones come in the category of ‘skin Android’.

Understand ‘stock Android’ in easy language, a simple phone that only you get Google Apps. The company or any other apps you do not get preinstalled in the phone. However, you can download these apps for free by visiting the Google Play Store. Google gives its updates first in stock Android.


Android One

‘Android One’ was first launched in India. It was launched for users who wanted to buy a smartphone in less than Rs. 10,000. However, over the years, the company has changed its strategy and is now being introduced in the mid-range smartphone too. Xiaomi Mi A2 is the latest smartphone of ‘Android One’. In the Android One, the manufacturer companies were given a discount, which was focusing more on the hardware of the phone instead on phone software. Like ‘stock Android’, Google also releases the first update in ‘Android One’.


Android Go

The Android Go is designed for smartphones with low RAM or storage. Apart from this, ‘Android Go’ has been designed in such a way that it uses low data. Google’s apps like ‘gmail-go’, ‘maps-go’ and ‘youtube-go’ are designed to sport these smartphones. That is, if you are using a phone in places where is less network, or if your phone has less data or your phone has less RAM, then ‘Android Go’ smartphone is the best option for you.

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