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Essential PH-1 launched with better camera, Know more

Essential PH-1 launched with better camera, Know more

https://gadgetsintro.com/?p=1150&preview=trueEssential Phone was launched in August 2017 last year. This phone is made of ceramic and titanium and has an almost edge-to-edge display. Apart from the built-in connectors for 360 camera like accessories, etc. on the back of the device. This is a high-end device.
The biggest drawback of this phone is its camera. Users have not liked the camera since the beginning, and the company has introduced many updates to improve the camera department, but if compared to other high-end smartphones, this phone is called iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Google Pixel 2 is lagging behind
There are many flaws in this phone’s camera. Photos are fine in good light condition but the photos taken in low light look like blurry and dark and it takes time to click pictures. Meaning that the camera app is not as fast as it can click pictures.

Essential after listening to all the complaints, the camera is working on it to finish the issue. In an interview with Business Insider, Jiang said, “We have heard complaints about our camera quality and we are working on camera improvement in Next Generation Devices so that we can ensure our customers that we have their problems and complaints Are listening to and working to correct them.” Jiang also said that “we have heard your complaints and we will do better in second-generation phones.”

The company has not yet confirmed any date for the launch of next generation fons. In addition to the camera, Jiang has not disclosed any other changes in the phone. But he said that Essentials are focusing on coating and texture for the new device and the black version will be short slippery.

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