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BMW introduced the Concept Bike 9Cento

BMW Motorrad introduced Adventure Sports Tourer Bike 9Cento (Concept 900) in Italy. This new design bike has been developed by BMW Motorrad. According to the company, there are specifications of Sport, Adventure and Tourer, the three segments in Concept 9Cento. However, its engine is based on the BMW F850GS parallel-twin motor engine, but its power will be slightly tuned to the endurement towers.

The most important part of this concept is its pannier, which is attached to the electromagnet under the seat, which can be easily removed and installed. Dikki’s design gives more space on the back seat. On the deletion of the trunk, the back part of the bike is seen as slick and sporty. Its weight and dynamics are bent forward. Its high windshield gives this bike a touring credential and its chassis design and long suspension give it adventure credentials.

So far, there is no information about the production version of this bike, but it is believed that the company can present the production model in EICMA 2018 which will be done later this year. At present, BMW is looking at the feedback from the MotorRoad market and the base company will continue to do so.

Kawasaki is also bring Three wheels bike


This is J Concept of Kawasaki:

Beyond BMW, Kawasaki had a glimpse of his three wheeled new concept bike sometime ago. The company first introduced this bike during the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show 2013. The company has named it Concept J. Kawasaki’s Concept J is fully electric bikes and it just runs from the battery. With this bike, the company has given several riding positions in which the biking position can change. The riding mode on biking in the city and the sports mode option is given at high speed. On the sports mode, the next part of the bike is tilted, so that it can drive a bike at high speed on the sports mode. Bike battery gives power to three wheels.

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